The Buying and Selling Process

Mark David Estate Agents - Thatched Cottage - Chipping Campden - Cotswolds

Our recommended way of selling and buying is to place your property on to the market first.

Once good interest is generated you can start visiting properties that appeal to you. If there is one in particular you are interested in and no offer has been made on your property, register a note of interest with the Estate Agent advising them that you will be making an offer when you have an offer on your own property and ask them to notify you should any other offers be made.

Once you have an offer on your property that is proceedable, make an offer on the property you are interested in based on the figure you have received on your property, keeping any differential you have set yourself the same between both properties.

Also remember when engaging with a property you want to buy find out what the seller’s situation is. For example, are they end of chain, will they be tying in an onward purchase or will they vacate and move into rented accommodation?

A number of sales fall through because timescales have not been established right at the beginning of the sale.


Use our valuation tool to give you an idea of your home’s value or give us a call to arrange a more accurate appraisal.