Achievements So Far

A Statement from Mark Long 

During these difficult and extraordinary times, I wanted to share with you what we at Mark David Estate Agents have achieved. Thankfully, I have been fortunate to have the support of a great team around me that have displayed energy, enthusiasm and positivity that has made this time very productive.

We have adapted to new working methods that have continued to attract new clients and maintain existing relationships. In addition to this we have regularly been registering new buyers and tenants who are eager to view properties once the lockdown has been lifted. Their appetites have been increased by the introduction of video tours around the properties.

During this period, a number of new clients have approached us with a view of putting their properties on the market.

Therefore, the above suggests that once we can get back to showing buyers around their future homes and placing new properties onto the market then it will be an extremely busy time and so, in my professional opinion I do not feel that there will be a down turn in the market.

The above has been further enhanced by the number of sales that continue to progress to exchange and completion. During this time we have been monitoring these sales with the help of solicitors with the underlying feeling being that the property market in North Oxfordshire, South Warwickshire/Northamptonshire and the Cotswolds seems to be more resilient than maybe in other parts of the country.

In the rental market we have seen enthusiasm and demand from tenants like we have rarely seen before. We have agreed tenancies on several properties that have come to the market during lockdown as well as some that were available beforehand. This again proves that there is an extremely active and vibrant lettings market in the area.

We have been more active on social media which has seen an increase in our following by giving advice, tips and guidance on current news and affairs. These have been posted throughout the day to get maximum readership.

Due to social distancing we have arranged Zoom meetings and viewings with staff, buyers, sellers, tenants, and landlords. This has enabled us to visually communicate and show properties during lockdown. As a result, adding to our great customer service during these difficult times.

We have improved our pre-existing Online Valuation service which has had a positive and enthusiastic response from all our clients, whilst providing them with all the information they need to get ready to go on the market when restrictions lift.

Whilst in lockdown there has been some uncertainty about mortgage finance, we have worked closely with our mortgage adviser and kept up to date with the latest financial advice and shared this with sellers and buyers in order to retain their confidence as the money markets change.

We are optimistic and we intend to do all we can to ensure people can move when the time comes.

What will the future hold?

We know our local property market inside and out. Having had a huge amount of experience for many years, through good times and bad, we have been an integral part of our local communities.  

Over the decades, we have provided level-headed and astute property advice to thousands of local people through storms, floods, droughts, market booms and busts, the 2008 banking crisis and all the good times. Now we are doing the same through this pandemic.

Looking into my crystal ball, if I had one, I would expect a very busy market once lock down is relaxed or lifted and expect problems with the lack of properties coming to the market, which has been the theme over the last few years, this could lead to an increase in property prices before the end of the year.

Stay safe, stay well, and please get in touch if you think we can help with any queries, or questions you have?