Coronavirus Update

From Monday 18th May we will be back in the offices and operating, subject to strict guidelines. Details of permitted activities are as follows:

Listing, viewing and surveying, of sale and rental properties may be carried out under strict conditions, limiting the contact with householders and only with their agreement.

Only one person is allowed view a property or two people if they are from the same household.

Health questionnaires are to be completed by householders and applicants before the viewing to ensure that no one living in the property or going to view the property is symptomatic, has had symptoms in the last 48 hours, or is under a compulsory isolation awaiting results of testing for Covid-19. Also, that no member of the household is classed as medically vulnerable. This document will be sent out via e-mail and must be returned to us 24 hours prior to the viewing by e-mailing it back to us.

If we do not receive this confirmation, then the viewing or appointment cannot go ahead.

Furthermore, no member of the household will be present in the property during any viewings.

The viewings will be conducted by one member of our team.

We ask that households leave internal doors open and that the viewers refrain from touching doors, cupboards, work-surfaces.

If you have pets, you must take them out with you or leave them in a room with the door shut with a note on stating that we cannot view this room due to pets.

We shall inform vendors/tenants how long the viewing will take so that you will know when you can return to the property.

Our team will be wearing disposable face masks and gloves to each viewing and will use hand sanitiser between viewings. We ask that those viewing to also come wearing gloves and face masks for the duration of the viewing and that you safely dispose of them afterwards and not leave them at the property.

We will try to keep the time at the property to a minimum and will follow up with a phone call or an e-mail for feedback on the property which will then be passed onto the vendor/landlord.

Thank you for complying with our requirements and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us on 01869338898, 01608644944 or 01295273272 or e-mail us at:, or